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Mortgages require a significant amount of personal information to be acquired and organized for underwriters to evaluate and approve loans. We help provide an organized path for our customers to navigate beginning with a pre-approval letter and ending with your closing. This helps reduce stress and keep loans on schedule.

Initial Assessment
Our first conversation is focused on understanding your goals and needs for your purchase or refinance. We’ll discuss mortgage amounts in terms of ranges and gather basic qualification information. At the end of this conversation we’ll give some high level guidance on mortgage options that you can consider.

Pre-approval Letter
A pre-approval letter signals that your credit history and basic financial qualifications have been reviewed and that you are a suitable candidate for a mortgage. It's part of demonstrating to sellers that you are serious about buying a house and that your offer should be treated accordingly.

Evaluating Options
At this stage we look at all available mortgage programs from a variety of lenders. We select different options based on your needs and preferences then present them in a comparison. This is where our customers begin to better understand loan values beyond rate comparisons. Considering fees, interest rates, anticipated time of holding mortgage and other buying factors enables us to illustrate actual loan costs. Determining optimal value at this point is usually straightforward.

Processing Loan Request
When you’ve got a contract written and determined which loan program is best for you, we begin to process your loan request. We review and package your comprehensive financial information and employment data for the loan underwriters to verify. Being organized and thorough during this stage is important. We do our best to consolidate additional underwriter requests and minimize hassle.

Prepare for Closing
Following underwriter final approval, we provide a HUD Settlement Statement for your closing. We will review it in detail to make sure you understand all of the settlement charges.

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